Bachelor of Computer Applications (Online BCA)

What is Online BCA?

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. It is a three-year undergraduate bachelor’s degree course in computer applications. In this course, students learn about technologies and applications of computer science.

This course involves subjects like Computer Business and PC Software, Assembly Language Programming, Discrete Mathematics, C Language Programming, Database Management Systems, Programming in C++, Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming, Internet Concepts and Web Design, Introduction to Software Engineering, Network Programming and Administration, Operating System Concepts and Networking Management, etc.

This course is offered in multiple modes of education and an online BCA course in India is one of them. In online BCA, students do not have to attend classes physically on a university or college campus, instead, it is in online mode. They have to visit campus for examinations. It provides flexibility to students, which helps in maintaining a balance and students can study at their own pace.

It is perfect for people who are employed and are interested in earning a degree, because of online classes and flexibility students can easily maintain a balance between education and work commitments. Plus graduating with this degree will help them in getting a promotion, skill development, or in finding a new job. The other modes of education in which BCA is offered are regular BCA, Online BCA, distance BCA, and part-time BCA.

What are the Specializations in Online BCA?

In the Online BCA course, there are various specialization options for students to choose from. These specializations help students to choose the skill they want to develop and are interested in. These specializations are the same whether a student is enrolled in regular BCA or online BCA. A few specializations are mentioned below –

  1. BCA in Computer Science
  2. BCA in Data Analytics
  3. BCA in Cloud Computing
  4. BCA in Digital Marketing
  5. BCA in Data Science
  6. BCA in Database Systems
  7. BCA in Cyber Security
  8. BCA in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Eligibility Criteria and Course Duration of Online BCA

  1. A student should be a 12th pass out from a recognized board of education with a minimum of 50% qualifying marks.
  2. There is no age limit or restriction to enroll in this course.
  3. Some universities require mathematics as the main subject in the 12th standard.
  4. For online BCA the total time duration to complete this course and graduate from it is between 3 to 3.5 years because this course gives flexibility to students, therefore there are 6 to 7 semesters in this course of six months each.

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Syllabus of Online BCA

Mentioned below is the semester-wise syllabus of BCA. The syllabus of BCA is the same for all i.e. Online BCA, Regular BCA, Distance BCA, etc. In this course, students get the core knowledge and skills of computer applications which can be implemented in real-time.

Semester I Semester II
  • Computer Basics and PC Software Lab
  • Foundation Course in English
  • Business Organization
  • Computer Business and PC Software
  • Mathematics 
  • Communication Skills
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Accountancy 1
  • C Language Programming Lab
  • Problem Solving and Programming
  • Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  • Assembly Language Programming Lab
Semester III Semester IV
  • C++ Programming Lab
  • Programming in C++
  • Data and Files Structures
  • DBMS Lab
  • Systems Analytics and Design
  • Data and File Structure Lab
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Java Programming
  • Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  • Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • Algorithm Design Lab
  • Introduction to Algorithm Design
  • Internet Concepts and Web Design
  • Statistical Techniques Lab
  • Statistical Techniques
Semester V Semester VI
  • Computer-Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab
  • Web Programming
  • Business Communication
  • Computer-Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab 
  • Network Programming and Administration
  • Web programming Lab
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Operating System Concepts and Network Management
  • Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab
  • E-Commerce
  • Project and Dissertation

Top Colleges with Average Course Fees to Enroll in for Online BCA

College Name Average Course Fee
Amity University  1,30,000/- INR
Chandigarh University 1,50,000/- INR
Lovely Professional University 1,30,000/- INR
Amrita University 1,30,000/- INR
UPES Online 1,40,000/- INR

Job Roles

  • System Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Programmer
  • System Inspection Officer
  • Software Tester
  • Backend Developer

Top Recruiters

  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • Cognizant
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • HCL

Admission Process of Online BCA

  • Sign Up on the university’s official website.
  • Fill in all the required details in the application form.
  • Upload all the necessary documents.
  • Submit the registration fee.
  • After document verification, the university will send a confirmation email.

Through College Vidya

  • College Vidya provides placement support.
  • It provides a student support team, available 24*7.
  • It gives post-admission services such as LMS, assignments, webinars, etc.
  • It has a compare feature, through which students can compare all government-approved universities.
  • It offers EMI assistance to students.
  • Students also get expert support for career guidance.


BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is an undergraduate course, that is delivered in an online mode of education. In this course, students get the flexibility to create a balance between education and other commitments. BCA in online mode is much cheaper than regular BCA. This course helps working professionals in upgrading themselves. After graduating from Online BCA students get the same opportunities as regular students, they get the same job opportunities and skill development.

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