Things to Consider When Choosing Top BVSc Colleges in India

Getting admission to your favorite college or university and that too with your desired subjects can be the most fulfilling and fulfilling feeling one has ever realized. From the moment we start to choose subjects in school after tenth standard and start taking first steps towards our career.

We also start dreaming about our dream universities and campuses. But have you ever wondered if your favorite college is the right choice for your career? Well, this one might not be one of the student’s favorite questions to answer because our dream college or university is the most perfect in our eyes during that time but eventually we all understand that it definitely is one of the most important in the scenario. As in courses like veterinary sciences, there are several aspects that the aspirants should consider before making the final call.

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You will be wanting to spend your next five years in a space where it is easier and accessible for you because studying medical sciences is a lot of work. And you will be putting a lot into your degree. So, there are certain requirements that one should not take the risk to ignore. Like, the college you’ll be studying in for the next 5-5.5 years offers you the subjects, placements and experiences that will actually make advantage for your career prospects? We understand it can be pretty confusing and scary for you.

Because preparing for the entrance exams and searching and making the list of colleges that will be perfect for your career plan all simultaneously looks like a work of patience and time. And in order to make it a little less scary and more easy for you we’ve curated a roadmap of certain factors that can help you ensure the right choice as per your requirements and also a list of best colleges in India that offers you Bachelors in Veterinary sciences and related. So, Keep reading to filter the best choice for your goals.

Six Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Top Private BVSc Colleges in India


Is it located in a place that can suit you and your living style for the next 5 years? This might not look like a question of most importance right now but it’s one of the main reasons that make students drop out in the middle road. So, you should give a thorough research into this aspect and check if the living style of that city or state suits you or not?

Because factors like the general climate could be problematic for some. Also, check if the language spoken there affects your learning style? What if the minimum cost of living doesn’t align with your budget? Also, if In-state is it too far from your home? And if the travelling is costing you too much time? So, try to answer all of the above questions to make the right choice.

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It might not be the most important factor for some but it overrules for many. Courses in the medical field can be a bit expensive and Bachelors in Veterinary sciences does not make an exception. Usually, a single semester in BVSc in Indian colleges can cost from INR 12000 to INR 4 Lakhs. And to prevent any confusions in the future, make sure to do a thorough research on the internet and then make the right choice that favors you.


This one factor can help you in narrowing down your choices. Look for the universities and colleges with the best and top rankings that serve your goals. But a high ranking university might not be of your benefit because maybe a top university in general might not offer you your requirements (like desired subjects or internships). So, looking for the best university and your requirements should go hand-in-hand.


Some Universities offer courses selectively. So, make or do a detailed research on the courses and subjects offered throughout the whole program and filter out the ones that don’t serve your goals or see if you can manage to make adjustments to your main plan.

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Make sure you collect all the necessary information about the pre-requisites of the universities you wish to apply to. Their cutoff’s pattern throughout the years and their acceptance rates and if it asks for extra documents. Since, being well prepared is always better than regretting later.

Career Prospects

There are several job options after BVSc like Veterinary Officer, Animal research scientist, Cattle breeders, Veterinary surgeons, Veterinary doctors and animals care specialists, the list is not limited only to these you can opt for practicing your service in government sector, self employed or abroad too.

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But, the right college will be the foundational step in your journey and will help you to grow into these professions. Also, Check which college can provide you with the right work experience and industry knowledge to help choose the best suited profession for you. We understand if you still are not sure about which university will serve the right choice for you.

Bachelors in Veterinary Sciences is one of those courses that ask you for your complete determination during all those years of graduation program and after too to help those furry beings with your expertise. In order to reach that point you need the right path. So, we’ve created a list of top BVSc colleges in India to share some load of your minds and shoulders.

Here is the list of best universities that offer BVSc in India along with their fee structures and rankings by NIRF:


Here are some of the best veterinary science and animal husbandry colleges in India:

  • Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Mahatma Gandhi Veterinary College ( Bharatpur, Rajasthan )
  • GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (Patnagar, Uttarakhand)
  • Junagadh Agricultural University (Junagadh, Gujrat)
  • K TANUVAS ( Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
  • Anand Agricultural University (Anand, Gujrat)
  • CSK HPKV ( Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
  • Venkateswara Veterinary University (Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh)
  • K OUAT (Bhubaneswar, Orissa)
  • CAU ( Imphal, Manipur)
  • RAJUVAS ( Bikaner, Rajasthan)

However, this list is not limited to only these amazing Private Veterinary Medical Colleges in India, there are many other colleges and universities that offer you amazing opportunities and experiences to fulfil your goals. You just need to go and search for your best suit.

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