Restore Beauty Of Furniture With Local Cane Chair Repair Near Me Services

Local chair caning repair services can bring your furniture back to life. They can make your wooden furniture look new again by repairing sagging or broken seats and backs.

You can also find furniture refinishing and restoration professionals to help restore sentimental heirlooms and everyday household items. Find your local chair caning and seat weaving experts on the National Furniture Repair Directory(tm).

1. Cane Chair Repair

While the woven cane chair repairs near me are beautiful, they are fragile. A single crack can cause the entire seat to fail and be unusable. Taskers can patch a chair seat using a pre-woven or pressed cane patch that closely matches the pattern of the existing cane, allowing you to continue to use your chairs without the worry of losing your investment.

A) Buy a piece of matching woven

To do this, buy a piece of matching woven cane that is about 1 to 1-1/2 inches bigger all around than the opening on the chair’s seat. Cut it to size and soak it for about 15 minutes in warm water to make it pliable. Press the cane patch between two absorbent towels to remove excess moisture and apply wood glue, following package directions, carefully to the back of the patch. Place the patch over the hole, lining up the cane patterns to match, and press down lightly. Tuck the ends of the patch under the existing cane seat, if needed, to conceal them.

B) Ideas To Clean Chair Frame

It’s a good idea to clean the chair frame with a damp cloth before recaning it. This helps the glue set and also makes it easier to see any parts of the frame that need refinishing, which is often necessary for cane chair repair near me restoration. If the frame needs refinishing, do it now to avoid having to take the chair apart again later.

2. Wicker Chair Repair

Chairs made with traditional plant material like wicker can be sturdy and attractive. However, over time the reeds that make up the seats can break down and lose their luster. If this happens, your Tasker can replace the reeds and restore the beauty of your wicker chairs.

The first step is to examine your chair for damaged or broken areas. This can be done by examining the chair from different angles and using a flashlight or map lamp to see clearly. You can also feel the reeds with your hands to see if they are loose. Once you find any stray reeds, they can be repaired with wood glue.

If your chair is splined, it has been constructed with pre-woven mats of cane held together with something that looks like a long piece of wood but is actually called a spline (or sometimes splint). The process of installing splined chairs is similar to the way screen is held in the frames of homes’ windows.

To repair a splined wicker chair, you have to remove the old cane mat and spline and install new cane fabric and spline. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process that can be completed at home. There are plenty of chair caning repair specialists in the US, and many of them can help you bring your splined wicker furniture back to life.

3. Cane-Backed Chair Repair

While cane-backed chairs are a lovely design element and are a popular second-hand find, they tend to break quite easily. If yours is beyond repair, it’s time to look for a professional. It’s not always necessary to rip the chair apart and replace the entire frame, especially if the caning is still good. A cane repair person can restore your chairs back to their original glory by replacing the broken caning and re-securing it to the frame.

The first step is to soak the replacement cane in water, a bathtub is a good choice. Once it’s saturated, trim it to size, making sure that there is about a half-inch of overhang on all sides. Using the wedges that should have come with your cane patch, insert it into the chair seat’s groove. Once it is in place, use the wooden wedge to press it in evenly all around.

The next step is to apply wood glue, following package directions. Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to start the process of weaving spline back into the seat’s holes. There are several different methods of caning, and you’ll need to determine how your chair was originally caned.

The easiest way to tell is by looking at the edge of the opening on the chair back, if there is a shallow ridge, it was probably originally pressed cane (pre-woven). If you see a long, smooth piece along the edges of the hole in the chair, it was hand woven, or rush-woven.

4. Office Chair Repair

Chair caning was once commonplace, but today it may seem like a lost art form. Rush-woven furniture is equally rare, and restoring a cane or rush chair requires highly-specialized skills. Luckily, local chair caning repair experts are available to fix all types of woven furniture. Locate one near you and give your heirloom piece new life!

The service was fast and courteous. The cost was fair, and the workmanship was exceptional. The quality is better than I expected, especially for the price I paid. I will definitely use this company again.

Some people worry that converting the caning from holes to grooves will ruin the innate value of their chairs, and this is a valid concern if you are dealing with a valuable antique or a collectible.

However, most cane or wicker furniture isn’t worth much in terms of dollars, and the main value in these pieces is often their sentimental attachment to your family.

Finding a local chair caning repair expert is the best way to keep your favorite wicker or cane chair repair near me in good shape for years to come, and to avoid bringing them to the dump. You might also find an expert to reupholster grandma’s old sofa or refinish the battered table that sits on your porch.

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