A brief discussion on your smile makeover by a renowned smile dentist

The society that we are living in is more self conscious than ever in the past. As a result, smile makeover treatments are quite popular in the present times. Patients usually have these two questions to ask regarding these treatments –

  • How fast will the process work? 
  • What will be the cost?

Let us try to cover these questions along with a few relevant topics in the following section of the blog post. Let us start with a brief introduction to smile makeovers.

Smile makeover – what is it?

A smile makeover is a dental procedure involving cosmetic dentistry that upgrades the overall look and appearance of your smile to make it more attractive and beautiful. Our Cosmetic dentistry treatments that are popularly used for smile makeover include –

  • Dental implants
  • Dental Veneers and Composite Veneers
  • Tooth bonding

Improving the appearance of teeth is also the purpose of undergoing smile correction procedures.

Smile makeover can fix the following problems and make your smile both healthy and beautiful –

  • Gapped teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth and 
  • Gummy smile

At any competent oral health practice a bespoke treatment plan is designed for every smile makeover case it handles. This approach not only helps patients achieve desired results but also boosts their oral health after the treatment. 

More about smile makeover treatments

These days dental technology has evolved a lot. As a result a wide range of treatment options is available under the category of smile makeover. These options or solutions offer no less than a wealth of benefits, confirms a renowned smile dentist in London

This range of treatments has some typical characteristics which include the following –

  • The procedures are minimally invasive
  • The procedures are pretty fast 
  • Patients experience minimal pain and much greater comfort
  • The procedures improve one’s aesthetics
  • The procedures also improve and strengthen the overall oral health

How long do these treatments last?

A dentist will first have to diagnose you thoroughly and listen to your expectations. Based on the diagnosis and the dreams you nurture, the expert zeros in upon a particular procedure that seems to be most suitable for you. Then a proper treatment plan is put up before the treatment starts. It is true that the length of time to complete a smile makeover varies widely from case to case. 

There is no way to deny that each of these cases is truly unique considering the individual dental condition and the treatment that is selected. But thanks to the massive evolution of technology, it is easy to perform more than one treatment a day, which saves your precious time. However certain smile makeover treatments – tooth implant for example – must be carried out in a sequential approach over a period of time.

Tooth implant and other orthodontic works that need to be carried out sequentially over a length of time must ensure correct spacing between the teeth and the roots. This is why these treatments cannot be completed in haste.

Average time required for some popular smile makeover procedures 

  • Teeth whitening treatment – it can take about an hour or even less
  • Dental crowns – on an average the treatment lasts anywhere between a day and a week
  • Dental braces – it may range anywhere between weeks, months and years
  • Veneers – a week to get designed and created in a dental lab as well as fitted
  • Dental bonding – usually it is done within an hour but if multiple teeth are involved, the time will obviously be longer

Benefits that smile makeover treatments offer

The benefits that smile makeovers offer can be summed down as following –

Boosts self confidence – stained, chipped or misaligned teeth or uneven gums often proves to be a significant cause of embarrassment. One of the greatest advantages of a smile makeover is it instils a renewed sense of self confidence. When you know your teeth look spectacular you obviously smile around family and friends more frequently. You are also likely to feel bold enough to ask your crush to go on a date or speak up more in work meetings.

The speech is smoother – the teeth not only help us crush down the food we eat but also play a crucial role in speech. Just a single missing tooth at the front of the mouth leads to serious impediment of speech. The same goes for a single cracked tooth at the front. It can lead to problems like involuntary whistling or a considerable lisp in your speech. Smile makeover treatments like all-ceramic restoration or porcelain veneers contribute with tiny adjustments resulting in smoother speech eliminating the lisp or the whistling. 

Attain greater heights of success – research carried out in recent times indicates a beautiful smile contributes to a greater success both personally and professionally. Just having sets of white teeth boosts the appeal of any individual by a whopping 20%.

Improvement of dental function as well as overall health and wellbeing – a smile makeover treatment also boosts your overall health and wellbeing. When a new crown or other dental restoration is designed in a lab, your unique bite is the only factor that is taken into consideration. As and when your bite and chewing function are improved it not only becomes easy to eat a healthy, balanced diet but also the food is easily assimilated in your body. This is how your overall health and wellbeing get automatically improved.

A streamlined treatment plan – your dentist will create a personalised treatment plan keeping your unique smile goals in consideration. With a personalised treatment plan these treatments cannot succeed. Suppose you wish for an overall whiter smile and also want to cover up some major flaws on the upper front teeth. In that circumstance a dentist would whiten the teeth first and then in the next step colour match the veneers to the new shade of your teeth. 

At Smile Clinic London we just do not rejuvenate your teeth appearance. Rather we walk the extra mile to improve the overall quality of your life. Our technically sound dentists along with skilled and experienced support staff leave no stone unturned to boost your self-reliance. We handle plenty of cases round the year and are confident about our core competence. Feel free to talk to us today.

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