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7 Reasons Why You Can not Do Without a VPN

7 Reasons Why You Can not Do Without a VPN

VPN is the abbreviated form of Virtual Private Network. It is an effective online tool in keeping you protected while you are working online or using the Internet.

But if you think a VPN only keeps your privacy protected when you are on the Internet then you are badly mistaken.

A VPN shoulders a string of activities other than securing your privacy online.

It streams content that is otherwise unavailable to avoid online discrimination of price.

To cut a long story short you can use your VPN in a lot of ways to get the best of it.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore a few tips and tricks with a VPN. 

These tips and tricks are not known to everyone. You can enjoy the best of your VPN subscription through these tips and tricks.

1. Avoid throttling of the bandwidth

You buy a VPN online which is the latest trend.  But there is endless buffering while torrenting files or watching videos on YouTube. So you are not getting the best from your VPN. Technically this issue is called bandwidth throttling.

This problem is quite common when you are engaged in online activities like gaming, streaming and sharing of files. ISPs or Internet Service Providers rely on throttling to minimise congestion of bandwidth. It enables them to manage network traffic. 

With a VPN installed in your machine it is possible to bypass bandwidth throttling. A VPN even allows you to enjoy faster Internet speeds. How does this happen? When you have a VPN installed your entire traffic is encrypted.  So ISPs can no longer see or control your traffic.

2. Get smooth access to geo-locked content 

You must have noticed it is not possible to access the entire Netflix library. Because of copyright agreements certain TV shows and movies are not possible to access from certain countries.

A VPN is the key to unlock content from any country. In other words your viewing pleasure is even more increased when you switch your IP address through a VPN. And this is one of the common reasons why a large number of people in the buy vpn UK these days. Other than Netflix a VPN gives you access to every other streaming service including Amazon Prime and Hulu.

The other way around, when you are travelling abroad your VPN subscription enables you to overcome geo restrictions and enjoy your favourite content from back home.   

3. Absolutely safe download and upload of files

P2P sharing of files offers a number of benefits. But ISPs do not endorse those practices. As a result users experience caps on bandwidth and slower Internet speed.

Moreover there can even be restricted access to file-sharing websites like Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay, etc. P2P file sharing also reveals your IP address to others. This can be a serious security breach.

A VPN is your best option if you want to carry out your P2P activities safely. A VPN also ensures no slowing down of the Internet connection by your ISP. In addition to that a VPN conceals your IP address. It even encrypts your files so that no one else can intercept it.

4. All your VoIP conversations are private

Whether you are on a personal call with your mom or having a teleconference with your colleagues, of course you will not want your conversations to be snooped on by any outsider. Of Course VoIP is now more secure than before. But yet hackers can eavesdrop on VoIP calls and there is yet no way to stop that. Moreover VoIP calls are restricted in some countries. Therefore you will not be able access your VoIP calls while visiting those countries. 

This is where the VPN proves effective, explains an expert who works on VPN online in the UK. A VPN enables you to access VoIP services from anywhere in the world. Moreover it offers robust encryption so that no third party can monitor your VoIP communications.

5. Connect to public Wi-Fi securely

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are really convenient. But practically they offer no protection. As a result such Wi-Fi hotspots are obvious targets of cyber criminals. They make use of tools like “packet sniffers”.

These tools can capture your traffic easily and steal all your personal information. But when you have a VPN it is possible for you to connect to a public Wi-Fi securely.

The VPN protects your traffic. It encrypts your entire traffic. Thus cyber thugs do not have the chance to intercept your data and use it to their advantage. 

6. Avoid online censorship

There are a number of nations in the world that impose censorship on using the Internet. A cyber security expert who uses an online free VPN in the UK points out China’s Great Firewall is a fitting example in this context.

The Chinese firewall restricts users from using the majority of western websites, social media networks and apps. When you are in such a country you can beat the censorship by connecting to a VPN.

In other words a VPN is your best bet to access the Internet freely in such circumstances. 

Choose a server in a country that has no online censorship. Thus you will have access to the services you prefer with the new IP address. 

7. Car rentals, flight tickets and hotel bookings can be more reasonable

Most of the hotel, airline and car rental websites quote prices based on your location. Thus visitors from developed nations are often higher in contrast to visitors from under developed countries. With a VPN you can connect to those websites from a country that has lower rates for those services. Thus VPN also enables you to save money. 

Commonly asked questions related to VPN

Now let us focus upon a few questions related to VPN that are commonly asked by users. These questions along with the answers will enable you to understand the benefits of VPNs better.

Q.1: Are there any disadvantages of VPNs?

Ans: Yes, there is. One of the biggest disadvantages of VPNs is making your connection slower. Why? The reason is simple. The encryption and decryption process that takes place takes up the time. However every renowned VPN service provider has workarounds in place. Thus you can expect to get the fastest possible speeds with your VPN.

Q.2: Can the speed of a VPN be increased?

Ans: Yes there are a few things you can do to speed up your VPN. You can –

These tips help improve VPN speed.

Q.3: Is it necessary to have my VPN on round the clock?

Ans: According to experts at Softwareland it depends on your individual needs or requirements. Generally speaking it is better to leave the VPN open all the time.

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